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Studio139: Get Online... without breaking the bank!

We live in a day and age where in order to be competitive - or just to be seen - you need to be online.  Whether it's for your business, or for your personal needs, you've come to the right place.   It's a friendly, no-hassle, no-embarrassment place where we find out who you are, what you need, and get you online... without costing a fortune.   Check us out!


WHAT we do...

At Studio139, I take the tedious and technical work out of getting YOU and your business online.

I will work with you to design an awesome website, and take care of all the other stuff involved:  setting up a domain name, finding a hosting site, setting up email.  I will also work to get you set up with the best search engines, so that people can really find you (called "SEO").

Another sample siteI work with several top-notch web design software packages, email autoresponder programs, and everything else to get you up and online.  Whether it's a business page, or an e-commerce site, or a WordPress blog about you - it's what I do.  And if needed, I consult with other veteran software developers and graphic designers to provide what you need, and more.

And don't forget - I do all of that, not you.  That is, unless you want to - and I can show you how as part of our optional training package.

I also provide additional online services such as setting up a Facebook page and Twitter account if you like.   And by the way, you don't even need to be a Facebook user or expert, or even visit there - but you will want other people to find you there!

Designing an effective website takes some planning. Putting in a little bit of extra thought at the beginning will give great rewards in the end.   That's what I do.

What's New

Here's a site I put together for Battery Lighting Softball:

Battery Lightning Softball

And, another satisfied client!
Jr. Software
"Studio139software did an outstanding job on my website. The professionalism in working with them was unparalleled and my company website could not have been done better." 

- Michael Simone, Owner

"[The website update] looks great...I just subscribed to the special report and it worked flawlessly!!!! I loved that it kept me on the site - fantastic!!"

- Tor Constantino, Writer

"OMG [my website] is great!! Wow, just amazing. You are a pro!"

- Alexandra R.
Professional Musician

"Very experienced and professional. He translated highly technical information into concepts that we can understand. He really knows his business, and really cares about ours!"

- Bill D.

"Dude! The website looks killer!!! I love how it came out. You really did an outstanding job and I thank you for that."

- M.S.S.